Singing, Rapping, Producing, Audio Engineering, Mixing.

Acting, Modeling, Dancing, Stage Presence, Public Speaking

Photography, Videography, Film Production and Editing

Podcast and Radio Production, Recording and Editing 

Our Mission

"Stitching communities together with a needle of knowledge and a thread of talent"

L.I.F.T was created by John "Dolo Deyo Ello" and Mellodye "Sweets" Ragin as an outreach program for students ages 7 to 17 who may be faced with pressure from their peers. Sweets and Dolo saw the void in that area during his own childhood and wanted to offer a positive way to fill idle time. 

The program is designed to be an outreach, as well as an outlet, for youth and young adults interested in different aspects of the entertainment industry, including, music, film, recording, acting, photography, videography, song writing, modeling, music production, studio engineering and more!


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