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Student Discipline

Our students will learn proper studio etiquette. Instructors rarely deal with disciplinary issues. In the case tof unruly behavior the following actions will take place. 

  • Parents will be informed of behavior and asked to communicate with their child regarding their actions

  • The parent will be asked to attend class to observe and offer assistance to their child

  • If the child's behavior continues to be disruptive and/or is not being attentive they will be asked to return at a later time. Ultimate discretion is left up to the instructor at all times.


Drugs and Alcohol 

At no time will any student be allowed to attend class under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If it is suspected that a student is under the influence they will be immediately dismissed from the L.I.F.T program and will forfeit any paid tuition. Re-admittance to the L.I.F.T Program will depend on the instructors evaluation.

Dress Code

It's simple, we want you to be you! However we do ask that you do not wear clothing that is too revealing or in a manner that will be disrespectful to others. 


Because the L.I.F.T Program is small and designed specifically for you, if you miss a class or are late without calling, it is disrespectful to your instructor who is there for you. Please read and understand the following: 

  • Class will start on time

  • You must cancel your class at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will forfeit your class

  • Guests will not be allowed in class

  • Parents may be distraction to their children (or other students). Therefore we request parents not stay while their child is in class. If you feel you must be present, please speak to the instructor prior to staying. 


Acceptance policy

The L.I.F.T Program does not discriminate against age, sex, creed, color, religion, sexual preference, or those with disabilities. 

Some courses may require an audition. Children under 7 will be accepted based on auditions only. 

Media Release


By agreeing to the terms & Conditions of this form you grant SoNo Entertainment & Recording Studios, The L.I.F.T Foundation and it's employees to produce, reproduce (or reuse), edit videos, take pictures, print, and record sound of all students in the class.

Covid Rules and Procedures

We will do our best to practice social distancing and wear masks at all times. We will also regularly clean and sanitize all surfaces and equipment. By agreeing to the terms & Conditions of this form you accept understand that SoNo Entertainment & Recording Studios, The L.I.F.T Foundation and it's employees will not be held liable for any Covid related health issues that may arise. Parents are required to sign a health survey for the student prior to each drop-off.

I have read and understand SoNo Entertainment & Recording Studios/The L.I.F.T Programs policies and wish to reserve placement.

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